2020 Membership Survey Results

NCPJ Membership Survey Results summary

Click Here for the Full Survey and Results

Satisfaction with Membership:

1 to 10

Mean: 7.85

What do you like most about being a NCPJ Member?

Conferences: 35%

Learning from out of state peers: 24%

Judicial Resources: 16.5%

Semi Annual Journal: 15%

Are you planning on renewing your NCPJ membership?

97.37% yes

Those who indicated they would not indicated it was because they were life members

What additional benefits would you like to see included in your membership?

Online continuing legal/judicial education: 52%

Quarterly newsletter: 31%

Other suggestions included a list serve; member only website page;  materials from past conferences online; online membership directory; tracks of programs at conferences so choices can be made on topics relevant to state; online CLE; written guidelines re: guardianship/conservatorship; members as resource for future programs and warm climates for future conferences.

What Educational Topics would you like to see NCPJ address in next six months?

Pandemics Best Practices, 41%

Good Deeds Program to teach community how to avoid probate 27%

How to Navigate Webinars, Court Administration in a Remote World: 11%


Efiling, paperless files, security of digital files;

Conducting Remote Hearings;

Interstate Guardianship Transfers;

Materials to teach public importance of estate planning;

Trust related matters;

Evidence related programs;

Practical experience and tools for assisted decision making in lieu of conservatorship/guardianship;

  • The responses of the survey included a large number of suggested Best Practices of Our NCPJ members have discovered for managing Courts during the Pandemic. Please refer to full survey.
  • There were also varied responses to managing anticipated increase in mental health and child abuse cases. See full survey.

Additional Feedback provided regarding conferences, locations, etc. See full survey.

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