NCPJ Committee Appointments

Conference Chairs:

Spring 2018-Dianne Yamin/Anne Meister

Fall 2018-Jim Walther, Chair/Jim Purnell, Co-Chair

Spring 2019-Brenda Thompson, Chair/Tamara Curry, Co-Chair

Curriculum Chairs:

Spring 2018-Brenda Thompson/Amy McCulloch

Fall 2018-Amy McCulloch, Chair/Rita Cobb, Co-Chair

Spring 2019-Anne Meister, Chair/Christine Butts, Co-Chair

Membership Chair:

Dianne Yamin

Nominations Committee:

Frank Bruno, Chair (term expires 2018)

Jack Puffenberger (2nd 3-year term – expires 2020)

Marvin Homonoff (2nd 3-year term – expires 2018)

Communications Committee:

Christine Butts, Chair

Brenda Thompson

Amy McCulloch

Heather Galvan

Site Selection Committee:

Rita Cobb, Chair

Grace Connolly, Co-Chair

John Voorhees

Treat Award Committee:

Tamara Curry, Chair

Anne Meister

Nikki DeShazo (1st 2-year term – expires 2018)

President of ACTEC – Susan House

Chair of ABA Section on Real Property Probate and Trust Law – David J. Dietrich

Isabella Award Committee:

Tamara Curry, Chair

Rita Cobb

President, National Guardianship Association – Carl Coleman

Chairperson, National Guardianship Network – Kay Farley

Representative ABA Committee on Law and Aging – Eleanor Crosby Lanier

Ponda Caldwell (1st 2-year term – expires 2018)

John Voorhees (1st 2-year term – expires 2018)

Exhibits & Sponsors Committee:

Jim Dunleavy, Chair

Jim Walther

Liaison to ABA Committee on Law & Aging:

Mary Joy Quinn

Liaison to National Guardian Network:

Mary Joy Quinn

NCPJ Liaison Contact:

Jean Stewart

Bylaws Committee:

Tamara Curry, Chair

James Dunleavy

James Purnell

If you are a member of NCPJ, would you like to join a committee?  Please let us know!