NCPJ Committee Appointments

Conference Chairs:

Spring 2018-Dianne Yamin/Anne Meister

Fall 2018-Jim Walther, Chair/Jim Purnell, Co-Chair

Spring 2019-Brenda Thompson, Chair/Tamara Curry, Co-Chair

Fall 2019-Amy McCulloch/Brenda Thompson

Spring 2020-James P. Dunleavy/Dianne E. Yamin

Fall 2020-Anne Meister/Don Davis

Spring 2021-Jim Dunleavy/Jim Purnell

Fall 2021-Amy McCulloch/James Walther

Spring 2022 Dianne Yamin/James Dunleavy

Curriculum Chairs:

Spring 2018-Brenda Thompson/Amy McCulloch

Fall 2018-Amy McCulloch, Chair/Rita Cobb, Co-Chair

Spring 2019-Anne Meister, Chair/Christine Butts, Co-Chair

Fall 2019-Dianne Yamin/Jim Purnell

Spring 2020-Jim Walther/Tim Grendell

Fall 2020-Brenda Thompson/Amy McCulloch

Spring 2021-Dianne Yamin/Jim Walther

Fall 2021-Elizabeth Leith/Don Davis

Spring 2022-Jim Walther/Tim Grendell

Membership Co-Chairs:

Dianne Yamin/Tim Grendell

Nominations Committee:

NCPJ Immediate Past President (Chair)

NCPJ President Elect

Rita Cobb (1st 3-year term – expires 2021)

Ponda Caldwell (1st 3-year term – expires 2021)

Tamara Curry (1st 3-year term – expires 2024)

Communications Committee:

Tim Grendell, Chair

Heather Galvan

Christine Butts (website)

Site Selection Committee:

James Walther 

James Dunleavy

Dianne Yamin

Treat Award Committee:

NCPJ President

NCPJ President Elect

President of ACTEC if available

Chairman of ABA Section on Real Property, Probate and Trust Law

Non Executive Committee Member of NCPJ Appointed by President for Two Year Term

Isabella Award Committee:

NCPJ President

NCPJ Immediate Past President

President of NGA if Available

Representative Appointed by American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging if Available

Two Non Executive Committee Members of NCPJ Appointed by President for Two Year Term

Exhibits & Sponsors Committee:

Jim Dunleavy, Chair

Jim Walther

Liaison to ABA Committee on Law & Aging:

Mary Joy Quinn

Liaison to National Guardian Network:

Mary Joy Quinn

NCPJ Liaison Contact:

Jean Stewart

Bylaws Committee:

James Dunleavy

James Walther

James Purnell

Don Davis

If you are a member of NCPJ, would you like to join a committee?  Please let us know!