Enjoy the benefits of membership in NCPJ: 1) semi-annual conferences with continuing education sessions and credits taught by excellent faculty; 2) opportunities to meet and network with probate judges and others from across the U. S.; 3) NCPJ publications; 4) access to conference session materials, private membership directory, member articles and opinions, shared forms, etc.  You may download a Membership Application here: Membership Application

Regular Membership – any judge, former judge, retired judge, judge-elect, surrogate, registrar, chief clerk, or any duly appointed referee, magistrate, commissioner, chief administrative officer or other designated judicial officer exercising probate jurisdiction; includes Group Memberships, Life Memberships, Judicial Position Memberships, and Honorary Memberships.  Group Membership rate applies if more than 50% of a state’s probate judges apply for membership at the same time.  Annual dues: $150.00.

Judicial Position Membership– is for general jurisdiction courts where judges rotate, however often, through probate jurisdiction.  Regular membership is offered to the Court, with the membership being filled or represented by whichever judge is, during the term of the membership, serving in the probate division.  Annual dues: $150.00.

Professional Membership – any attorney, law professor, financial advisor, conference exhibitor and/or sponsor, law firm, corporation, trust, bank or trust company officer, foundation or association.  Annual dues: $150.00.

Associate Membership – court personnel, staff and others having an interest in probate matters.  Associate Membership dues are $75 annually.  Annual dues: $75.00.

Retired Membership – is available only to those who have held Regular Membership in NCPJ and who are retired from the position.  Annual dues: $70.00.

Life Membership– pay Life Membership dues once and join for life.  Dues: $1,000.00.

Only those holding Regular Membership (including Regular Membership, Judicial Position Membership, Life Membership, and Retired Membership) may vote or hold office in the NCPJ.  Professional and Associate Members may serve on Committees by appointment.